Peacock-Harper Culinary History Friends Janet Cameron and Jean Phillips Scholarships

The Peacock-Harper Culinary History Friends Committee awards scholarships honoring Janet Cameron and Jean Phillips. Preference is given to applicants whose scholarly pursuits encompass topics related to material in the Peacock-Harper Culinary History Collection in the University Library’s Special Collections section. Research and interests may include human nutrition and foods, culinary history, agricultural history, family nutrition, family nutrition history, food culture, household equipment, kitchen design, social history, ethnic traditions, gender studies, or other related topics. If applicants have not outlined a thesis or dissertation yet, they should have interests that encompass topics related to material in the Collection. Selected candidate(s) are welcome to present and share their research after thesis/dissertation completion.

Applicants must schedule a meeting with University Librarian Kira Dietz to learn about the Peacock-Harper Culinary History Collection. She will lead a conversation about the Collection, student research, and how it may support chosen research topics.

Students should use the libraries’ online calendar system (directly below) to book appointments with Ms. Dietz:

Once you choose a time, select the option “Scholarship applicant.”

Choose detailed help under the “Select a topic option,” and enter a date and time. Enter name, email, and the reason for meeting as “Peacock Harper Culinary History Scholarship application process.”
Include a brief summary of your interests or research around food topics.

Criteria for selection:

Be a Virginia Tech graduate student in good standing with the university.
Before applying, applicants must complete a visit with Ms. Dietz (see above). You will be asked to describe this meeting in the application and explain what materials in the collection may be relevant to your interests and planned/current research.
Applicants must have a record of leadership and service.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What college/university did you earn your undergraduate degree, what year did you graduate, and what was your major?
  2. What college are you in at Virginia Tech, and what semester are you in your studies?
  3. What is your current major and what degree are you seeking (MS, MA, or PhD)?
  4. Describe your leadership and participation in community activities or service.
  5. In 300 words or less, describe your existing or future research project, or plans related to topics covered in the Collection that this scholarship may help you pursue.
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