CLAHS Study Abroad Scholarship Application

This scholarship is made available by the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences (CLAHS) for undergraduate students who wish to study abroad. Applicants must be a current student in good academic standing with a primary or secondary major in the CLAHS. Students with only a CLAHS minor are not eligible.

Preference will be given to applicants participating in CLAHS faculty-led programs.

The education abroad program must be a credit-bearing academic program that either awards Virginia Tech credit or allows transfer credit to Virginia Tech. “Authorization to Take Courses Elsewhere” form is required if credits will be transferred to Virginia Tech. Should you be awarded a scholarship, a copy of your completed authorization form will be required. Preference will be given to students who are participating in education abroad programs associated with a department in the CLAHS.

All applicants will be evaluated on the essays they write regarding how this education abroad experience will complement their educational and professional goals and on how important the receipt of the scholarship is to their ability to participate.

Receipt of scholarship funding will be based on information provided in this application. Should there be a change in your plans after the application is submitted, you must notify our office immediately. Incorrect information may result in a delay or forfeiture of scholarship funding.

Recipient must be enrolled at a university the semester of travel. Scholarship funds will be applied toward a recipient’s VT student account on the first day of the semester in which the recipient travels abroad if studying through a VT faculty-led program that awards direct VT credit. If studying through a program that does not give direct VT credit, funds will be delayed until the student arrives at the university abroad and enrolls in classes, and the program coordinator from that university sends Virginia Tech a “Verification of Enrollment.” This could mean that you do not receive your funding until a week or so into your trip in some cases.

College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Apply-To Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. Primary Major - Academic Advisor's Name:
  2. Undergraduate Level:
  3. Hours completed:
  4. Education abroad details:
    • 1. Program type:
    • 2. Room & Board Costs (estimate):
    • 3. Personal Expenses:
    • 4. Tuition & Fees:
    • 5. Textbooks:
    • 6. Airfare:
    • 7. Program Fee: (if any)
    • 8. Other:
    • 9. Total Term Cost:
  5. Are you currently receiving financial aid?
  6. Study abroad program details:
    • 1. Semester abroad:
    • 2. Beginning Date of Travel:
    • 3. Ending Date of Travel:
    • 4. Program Coordinator: (Contact person for this program)
    • 5. Program Host Institution: (Name of College You Will Be Attending)
    • 6. Program Name:
    • 7. Program Website Address:
    • 8. Number of credits and courses you will be enrolled in:
  7. Write up to 1,000 words addressing how this education abroad experience will complement your education and your future goals. Include in the essay a brief statement of your goals, why you chose this specific education abroad program, and a description of how these courses will contribute to your overall plan of study.
  8. Write up to 1,000 words addressing why this scholarship is important for you to be able to participate in education abroad.
  9. Certification: I am aware that this scholarship is considered financial aid and CANNOT be disbursed prior to the beginning of the corresponding Virginia Tech term/semester in which I am traveling and enrolled, per federal regulations. This means that if I have program costs that are due prior to the time that funds can be disbursed by financial aid, I will be responsible for making arrangements to pay the up-front costs such as program deposits, airfare, etc.
  10. Certification: If I am selected for this scholarship and will be receiving transfer credit, I understand that I will be required to submit a copy of the “Authorization to Take Courses In the U.S.” form. Or if I am taking classes out of the US, I will be required to submit a copy of the "Authorization to Take Courses Abroad" and the “Global Education Documentation Form”. The forms are available at
  11. Terms and conditions:
    • 1. If your program is canceled, due to any reason, your scholarship will be canceled.
    • 2. I understand that should I receive a CLAHS Education Abroad Scholarship, I may be asked to share pictures and information about my experience to be used for promotional materials and participate in information sessions for students interested in education abroad.
    • 3. I understand my academic transcript will be printed by the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office.
    • 4. Applicant Signature: By providing my signature below, I attest to the accuracy of the statements on this application.
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