Peer Academic Coach (PAC) Grant Application

Funded by Virginia Tech, the Peer Academic Coach (PAC) Support Award (gift aid) provides financial assistance to undergraduate students who have demonstrated financial need as determined by the FAFSA. This grant is a one-time $2,000 award spread over the fall and spring semesters in exchange for work as a peer academic coach with the Student Success Center. Changes to your FAFSA calculated expected family contribution, or receipt of veteran’s benefits or other tuition and fee waivers, may result in a reduction or cancellation of this award. Changes in funding may cause VT to replace this grant with another award for the same amount.

Peer academic coaches (PACs) meet with students individually or in small groups to share strategies and build skills related to topics such as time management, study skills, overcoming procrastination, and more. The best PACs have strong academic skills and habits; can clearly explain information in multiple ways; and are empathetic, patient, compassionate, and genuinely want to help others. Please see the position description for more information.

This award has a two-part application process: applicants must apply here on Scholarship Central (to determine whether you are financially eligible) and also on Handshake by March 1. Financial eligibility will be determined in April.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. After reviewing the position description, I believe that I meet the eligibility requirements and am interested in applying to become a Peer Academic Coach. I am submitting this application to determine whether I am financially eligible for the position, and I understand that my financial eligibility will not be determined until April. I understand that I must also apply for the position through Handshake and that my application will not be fully submitted without completing that second application by March 1.