Smithfield Foundation Scholarship

Funded by Virginia Tech, the Smithfield Foundation Scholarship is available for students who are dependent children or dependent grandchildren of a current full-time or retired employee of Smithfield Foods who also exhibit academic achievement, or demonstrated financial need as determined by the FAFSA. This scholarship may be renewed in the same amount in subsequent years if the student completes the application each year, and if the current employee maintains an eligible employment status with Smithfield Foods. This scholarship may be reduced or cancelled if your demonstrated financial need changes, or if you do not complete the required thank you letter. Instructions on completing the thank you letter requirement will be emailed to awardees in the summer prior to the beginning of the next academic year. Changes in funding may cause VT to replace this award with another award for the same amount.

General Apply-To Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list the name of your relative who is a current or retired employee of Smithfield Foods.
  2. Please indicate your relation to the employee:
  3. What is the address of the Division the employee works at?
  4. Please select if the employee is still employed at Smithfield, or retired.
  5. What date was the employee hired?
  6. If the employee has retired, what was the date of retirement?
  7. What is the employee's ID number?
  8. What is the employee's home address?
  9. Are you interested in learning more about Smithfield Foods Summer Internship Program and/or Career Foundation Trainee Program for rising Seniors?
  10. The Smithfield Foundation also requests a photo of the scholarship recipients to be used on the company's website and social media pages. If you would like to release a photo to the Smithfield Foundation for this purpose, please upload it here.
  11. The donor has requested to feature you on their social media channels, along with their website as a Smithfield Foundation Scholarship recipient. In order for Smithfield Foods to use the information they have requested, you will need to complete the Smithfield Image Release Form. Please print the document included in the link, sign and submit (upload here) to allow Smithfield Foods to feature you on their channels as a recipient.
  12. Do you grant permission to Virginia Tech to release your application information to the Smithfield Foundation to help determine your eligibility for the award? The information released will include your name, current level (e.g. Junior), major, employee information provided in this application, and photo.
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