Tidewater Alumni Chapter Scholarship

 Funded by Virginia Tech, the Tidewater Alumni Chapter Scholarship is a one time scholarship that may be awarded to undergraduate students who attend a high school within the geographic boundaries of the Tidewater Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association, to include the Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia Beach areas.  (New Paragraph) Interviews will be conducted for those chosen as finalists. A Tidewater Alumni Chapter representative will contact finalists to schedule an interview date and time.  

Alumni Chapter
Supplemental Questions
  1. During your academic journey, you must have come across various chances to push yourself and broaden your intellectual horizons. We would like to know more about how you've taken advantage of these opportunities and challenged yourself academically through demanding coursework. Additionally, we are curious about the factors that influenced your decisions and how you have tailored your elective choices to align with your academic and personal interests.
  2. Managing college life can be quite challenging and stressful. Do you have any effective strategies to help you manage and reduce stress levels?
  3. Virginia Tech's motto, "Ut Prosim," embodies the spirit of service, and we would love to know more about your interests and involvement in serving others. Please take a moment to briefly describe a service group you have been part of. Is this area of service of particular interest to you, and if so, why? How long have you been actively involved in this group, and what contributions have you made to its mission? Have you been able to inspire others and influence positive decisions within the group? We value your commitment to service and look forward to learning about your meaningful experiences in making a difference.
  4. Describe a time when you actively promoted inclusion and collaboration in a group or activity. How did you foster an inclusive environment and encourage collaboration among diverse individuals? What impact did your efforts have on the group, and what did you learn from this experience? How will you carry forward these principles in the future?
  5. Describe an example of a situation where you have significantly influenced others, took on a leadership role, helped resolve a dispute, or contributed to a group’s goals. What was your role, what responsibilities did you take on? Did you encounter any obstacles, and if so how did you respond, were you able to overcome them? What would you do differently?
  6. Please submit a detailed resume with your work history, extracurriculars, and community service involvement. Include dates, hours, and leadership roles. Highlight awards, honors, certificates, and any advanced coursework (like AP/Honors/electives). We're excited to learn about your accomplishments and contributions! Resume file naming convention to be: Lastname Resume.
  7. As you embark on your journey to prepare yourself to be a working professional, what are your aspirations and goals? How do you plan to make a positive impact on your community through your career? Additionally, what do you foresee as your biggest challenge, and what strategies do you intend to employ to overcome it?
  8. Do you grant Virginia Tech permission to release your name, scholarship amount, major, college, and class year to representatives of the Tidewater Alumni Chapter?
  9. What specific factors make Virginia Tech your dream school and why are you applying to it? Additionally, please specify whether you are applying through Early Action (Nov 15) or Regular Decision (Jan 15).
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