College of Science Dean's Roundtable Scholarship

A $7000 one-year scholarship for rising junior or senior in the College of Science who are graduating during the 2025 spring, summer, fall, or winter semesters or 2026 spring or summer semester.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your anticipated graduation date?
  2. If you are selected as a finalist for this scholarship, you must be available to willing to commit to an on campus (preferred) or Zoom interview during the 2024 spring semester. Are you willing to interview during the spring 2024 semester for this scholarship?
  3. Please upload an essay (2 page max) on how Virginia Tech and the College of Science, both inside and outside the classroom, has impacted your life. Your essay should demonstrate your ability to organize your thoughts seamlessly and to write effectively (e.g., it should be free of typos as well as spelling, capitalization, and/or grammar errors.)
  4. Please upload a brief resume. It should provide the reader with a snapshot of your educational history, credentials, experiences, and skills – as they relate to your academic accomplishments, and your career goals.
  5. You and your advisor or major professor will be invited to attend a dinner during the 2024 spring semester with the Roundtable members. The winner of the scholarship will be announced. Please list the advisor or major professor you would like to invite. Please include email and name.
  6. Letter of Recommendation: Application(s) for current students will be viewed more favorably if it is accompanied by a letter of recommendation from someone who knows you professionally and/or academically. The letter writer should briefly address both your strengths and your weaknesses as a scholar, a researcher, and a future professional.
  7. Finalists must obtain a Disciplinary Record Certification of Good Disciplinary Standing from the office of student conduct to be eligible for this scholarship. Are you a student in good disciplinary standing?
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