Forrest Thye Scholarship

Preference for first-year awards will be given to rising sophomores in HNFE. Successful applicants will show strong academic achievement (3.0 or above); remain committed to performing undergraduate research during their time at Virginia Tech; enroll in HNFE 4994 or HNFE 4994H; and promote an environment of diversity and inclusion.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What semester are you in your studies? (ex: second-semester freshman; first-semester junior)
  2. What is your HNFE option: DIET or SNFE
  3. What semester did you take or plan to take HNFE 4994H?
  4. If you are a current Thye Scholar, explain how you have completed the requirements for your scholarship: (If you are not a current Thye Scholar, enter N/A.)
    • 1. Maintain university standards of academic programs, remain an HNFE major, maintain a 3.0 GPA.
    • 2. Participate in and receive a passing grade in HNFE 4994 course.
    • 3. Present research findings once a year at an appropriate venue (VT undergrad spring research conference; VT summer undergrad research conference; national or international research conference; or other open forum).
  5. In a few sentences, tell us about your definition of diversity and inclusion.
  6. Explain why you want to do undergraduate research, including what you hope to gain from the research experience and how you will remain committed to the Thye program over the course of your time within HNFE.
  7. Which faculty research mentor would you like to work with?
  8. Email one of the faculty from the list above as a potential research mentor and express your interest in working with them as a Thye Scholar next year. After reading their research statements on HNFE website bio pages, write about their research and why it is of interest to you. Note: You may select up to two mentors and write a combined essay on both faculty research areas.
  9. Certification: All recipients must adhere to the following requirements to retain their scholarship (if selected):
    • Maintain a GPA of 3.0+:
    • Maintain university standards of academic progress:
    • Participate in and receive a passing grade in HNFE 4994 or HNFE 4994H:
    • Present research findings once per year at an appropriate venue (VT undergraduate research conference in spring, VT summer undergraduate research conference, national or international research conference, or another open forum):
    • Remain in the HNFE major:
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