P. Howard Massey III Food & Nutrition

The P. Howard Massey Food & Nutrition Scholar Award supports graduate or undergraduate HNFE students who use interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving that address evolving issues related to food and nutrition in the U.S. and abroad. May be used for student travel to national or international meetings.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What interdisciplinary approaches would you use to solve evolving issues and problems in food and nutrition, nationally or globally? Please describe fully your interest in this area and how it relates to your education, major, or research interests.
  2. Do you plan to attend or present research at a conference or professional event that includes emerging issues in food and nutrition problems? If so, please include the details (date, conference/event title, research presentation, and/or poster title, if applicable). Note: You may be asked to provide proof of attendance.
  3. Do you plan on participating in a study abroad experience during this academic year (to include winter and summer sessions)? This may include mission trips. If so, please describe your plans and the goal of the trip.
  4. Please describe your overall career goals.
  5. Upload a current resume as a pdf (firstlastresume.pdf).