Fauquier Alumni Chapter Scholarship

Funded by Virginia Tech, the Fauquier Alumni Chapter Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students who attend a high school in Fauquier County.

Alumni Chapter
Supplemental Questions
  1. Letter of recommendation: Please list the name and email address of your reference. 
  2. List current high school and/or community college:
  3. Please upload a copy of your transcript.
  4. Anticipated class decile/rank:
  5. What is your mother's occupation?
  6. What is your father's occupation?
  7. Please provide the name of your high school guidance counselor.
  8. Please provide the email address and phone number of your Guidance Counselor.
  9. Number of children in family (including yourself):
  10. Number of children in college in Fall (including yourself):
  11. Please respond in 50 words or less: Describe your typical day after school, including but not limited to extracurricular clubs, athletics, employment, family responsibilities, and recreational activities.
  12. Please respond in 50 words or less: Is there a specific field(s) in which you chose to focus during high school (art, engineering, foreign language, mathematics, history, etc.)? What has been its impact on you?
  13. Please respond in 50 words or less: Why did you choose to apply to Virginia Tech?
  14. Please respond in 50 words or less: Where do you see yourself in five years?
  15. Is there any other information that you’d like to include in your application?
  16. By my signature below, I attest to the accuracy of the statements made by me on this application, and hereby give my permission for the Scholarship Committee to verify all information. I also agree to release to this committee all of my school transcripts, test scores, grades and class rank. In the event that I am selected to receive this scholarship award, my signature indicates my permission for the Virginia Tech Alumni Association and the Chapter to release my name and use my photograph (if applicable) in chapter and university marketing materials.
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