Pamplin Leadership Award

The Pamplin Leader award seeks students who demonstrate superior intellectual promise and academic performance, dedication to their communities, interest and success in physical fitness and health, and unimpeachable integrity. Students who accept this award must also agree to join the Honors College and work toward an Honors Laureate Diploma.

1. Each public high school in Virginia is allowed only one candidate. Applicants, once identified by their school, may apply online. There is a question asking for counselor’s name and email address. Instructions will be sent to counselor via email, who must verify student is the school’s nominee. Applicants will not be considered if the high school does not validate the student as its candidate.
2. The scholarship is ONLY for students at PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS in Virginia. Do not apply if you attend a private school, are home-schooled, or attend an out-of-state high school.
3. A student’s selection by an individual high school to be its nominee DOES NOT GUARANTEE A PAMPLIN LEADER SCHOLARSHIP. There are more public high schools in Virginia than there are Pamplin Leaders. Official notification of a student’s selection as a Pamplin Leader comes directly from the VT Honors College, not the high school.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The application closes January 10. This means that January 10 is the last day that counselors can verify an applicant. Applicants are STRONGLY ADVISED to submit their materials at least a week prior to the deadline. If verification from the school is not received by the deadline of January 10, the application WILL NOT be considered. PLAN AHEADTHERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS TO THE DEADLINE FOR ANY REASON.

Supplemental Questions
  1. In an essay of 500 words or fewer, discuss your understanding of effective leadership. [1] What are some qualities of effective leadership? [2] How do you measure effective leadership? [3] Describe the qualities of one effective leader you know, including evidence of how they exemplify these qualities. [4] Where, when, and how have you applied these qualities in your own leadership roles to date? [5] How, specifically, do you intend to continue your development as a leader at Virginia Tech?
  2. Please provide the name and email address of your high school guidance counselor/career advisor: Only one applicant from each Virginia public high school may be nominated for the Pamplin Leadership award. This reference certifies that you are the only nominee from your high school.
  3. Student Self-Certification: I certify that I have been notified by my high school that I am the candidate from my high school. I understand each high school can only have one candidate and that my application will not be considered if my high school does not validate my candidacy. I also understand that I am not guaranteed a Pamplin Leader award, and if I am selected, official notification will come directly from the Virginia Tech Honors College, not my high school.
  4. The information I have provided on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I: a) understand that information I have provided on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge; b) agree that I will notify the Honors College should information that I included on my application change (intended major, residence, contact information, etc.); c) recognize and understand the requirement to join the Honors College and work toward an Honors Laureate diploma should I be selected as a Pamplin Leader.