Global Engineering Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to defray students’ costs for international learning experiences, for example related to study abroad during Winter 2023-2024, Spring 2024 or Spring Embedded 2024. Eligible costs may also include (but are not limited to) program fees associated with faculty-led programs, third-party provider costs, costs of flights, or other travel expenses associated with a study/research/service abroad experience. The committee considers not only financial need (both FAFSA-demonstrated and need that might be missed by the FAFSA), but also the quality of motivation and the educational fit of the proposed activity as well as the overall diversity across applications of participation in global experiences.

Eligibility Requirements:
1) Full-time undergraduate student majoring within the College of Engineering
2) Student enrolled in programs in Winter 2023-2024, Spring 2024 or Spring Embedded 2024.
3) Overall GPA of 2.75 or above.
4) International program takes place during Winter 2023-2024, Spring 2024 or Spring Embedded 2024.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Instructions for Essay Questions: Please provide thoughtful, well-written responses to all essay questions. You should strive to answer in your own voice, providing specific examples for how your planned experience will contribute to your future career plans in engineering and increase your global experience. There is no set length for your answers.
  2. Short Description of Program
  3. Estimated Program Dates
  4. Number of credits (if applicable)
  5. Total approximate program cost
  6. Are you an in-State or Out-of-State Domestic or International student? (Choose one)
  7. How will this opportunity contribute to your academic and/or professional goals? Please describe in detail the experiences that the opportunity offers that you will not get studying at Virginia Tech
  8. Describe one activity you plan to do after you complete this global experience to promote international experiences to other students? How will this impact the VT community and the College of Engineering?
  9. Help us understand your financial restraints regarding study abroad. What financial barriers do you face beyond your FAFSA information? (Only share what you are comfortable with, but let us know if there are any financial barriers)
  10. Do you agree to provide a testimonial and photographs about your experience for the college’s Global Engineering News listserv upon your return to Virginia Tech?
  11. Honor Code Affirmation: I hereby declare that I have answered all questions truthfully in accordance with the Virginia Tech Honor Code
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