Nyfeler Scholarship

Scholarship awarded to students studying abroad at the Steger Center in the Fall 2023 semester.

We want you to consider your academic and cultural experiences and apply them in ways that enhance your Steger Center experience. You will need to exercise your ability to think critically about your global experience.

It is very important that you provide thoughtful, well-written responses, so you should set aside sufficient time to answer the questions below. We will need to hear specifics in your answers (not just general descriptions). There is no set length for your answers.

If awarded a scholarship, upon return, you will need to submit a report of your project demonstrating impact made by these funds. You will also be requested to send a ‘Thank You’ to Mr. Nyfeler with a chance to speak to your time and experience at Riva, in part made possible by this scholarship.

Important Reminder:
Please DO NOT wait until the last moment to submit your application. Scholarship Central locks down at midnight and we can’t manually override the system!
In order for us to be able to score your application, all the materials need to be in the system (we cannot score emailed applications). And we can’t upload anything for you as we don’t have those editing permissions. So, any applications not submitted by midnight cannot be reviewed – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Supplemental Questions
  1. Name (first, middle, last)
  2. Name of Steger Center program
  3. Study abroad term (only for semester-long Steger Center programs)
  4. Study abroad year (you can only apply for the upcoming term, not for a next year)
  5. The Global Education Office is increasing outreach to underrepresented groups to encourage greater participation in study abroad. You are not required to report or self-identify as belonging to an underrepresented group. Please check all boxes that apply:
  6. Project Title
  7. Project description: Develop a proposal describing how independent learning activities at the Steger Center will enhance the academic and/or cultural content of your stay. Is there a topic/area of interest (outside the Steger Center curriculum) that you are interested in learning more about? Your project should be something you can do (study, visit, research) that you would not be able to do if you were on campus at Virginia Tech. Be realistic about what you can accomplish in your time there and the other commitments you have.
  8. Significance of your project: Highlight the additional benefit or significance to your Steger Center academic/cultural program. Be specific!
  9. Aims of your project: Define your project goals. Emphasize what you hope to accomplish/learn/experience.
  10. Background: Describe what is known generally in the area of your project to set context (i.e. you could focus on what previous studies state, discuss recent developments on the topic). Then focus in on what your project addresses (i.e. could be a gap in literature you discovered).
  11. Methodology: What are the steps/tasks you are going to take/complete to accomplish the goals of the project? Be as detailed as possible about the implementation (i.e. how you intend to access your chosen respondents/places, your strategy for data collection / data analysis and time needed for the implementation).
  12. Estimated budget: Provide estimated costs of any materials/travel specifically for your project (not including the Steger Center program costs).
  13. References: Include any media representation used as a resource for your project setup (i.e. literature, newspaper articles, photographs, websites, etc.)
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