Cranwell-Mozaiko Study Abroad Scholarship

The Cranwell-Mozaiko Study Abroad Scholarship provides full or partial awards to students for the opportunity to engage in a Virginia Tech Faculty-Led or Exchange Study Abroad Program in order to gain international experience that enhances their global awareness and intercultural competence. This need-based scholarship is awarded to international or US undergraduate students who, at the time of application, are members of the Mozaiko Living-Learning Community. This scholarship can be applied to both short-term and semester-long programs.

Up to three scholarships will be awarded each academic year with one of the scholarships awarded to a student planning to pursue a study abroad opportunity anywhere in Africa.

The scholarship can be used to cover the cost of tuition, transportation, room and board, medical insurance, and other personal expenses associated with the study abroad program. The study abroad program must appear on the Virginia Tech transcript.

Award: Varies

Requirements: If awarded a scholarship, upon completion of the study abroad program and return to campus, and in the spirit of Ut Prosim (That I May Serve), the student is expected to engage with the Cranwell International Center and Mozaiko Living-Learning Community to share about their experience and to encourage more Hokies to study abroad through a variety of opportunities, including but not limited to:
• A blog about their experience and intercultural learning during their study abroad program
• A presentation to Mozaiko students and/or the VT community
• A video for future Mozaiko students discussing the opportunities that have been offered to them as a member of the community

The scholarship acceptance letter will outline these and other options for your volunteer experience. You will also be requested to send a ‘Thank You’ letter to the Cranwell family.

Up to $5,000.00
Supplemental Questions
  1. Name:
  2. Study Abroad Program:
    • 1. Name of Study Abroad program:
    • 2. Dates of Study Abroad Program:
    • 3. Location of Study Abroad Program:
  3. Are you currently enrolled in Mozaiko LLC?
  4. What type of Study Abroad Program is it?
  5. What are the dates of the Program?
  6. What is the location of the Study Abroad Program?
  7. Please choose your enrollment. Will you be enrolled for the required minimum VT credits listed below? (Below required minimum or non-credit programs do not qualify)
  8. Are you a US or International Student?
  9. Instructions for the essay questions below: It is important that you provide thoughtful, well-written, and detailed responses. You should also strive to answer in your own voice, avoiding such overused phrases as, “broaden my horizons,” “push myself out of my comfort zone,” “immerse myself in the culture,” and the like. There is no set length for your answers; take as long as you need to say what you mean, but do not belabor your point. Each answer should be between 200 – 400 words.
  10. Help us understand your financial constraints regarding study abroad. What financial barriers do you face beyond what FAFSA captures (such as family income, debt, commitments)? Examples might include but not limited medical bills, single-income family, layoff, siblings in college, must pay for study abroad alone.
  11. In what ways are you working to overcome the barriers mentioned in your previous response? If so, please describe.
  12. What personal / academic (NON-FINANCIAL) challenges, if any, did you face in your decision to study abroad? How did you meet these challenges?
  13. What makes this program appropriate for your academic needs and interests?
  14. How will your experience at this institution contribute to your continuing academic, extracurricular, and professional life?
  15. Transitioning & Adapting Cross-Culturally Tell us about an experience in which you transitioned to or were immersed in an unfamiliar community. What did you learn from this experience that may help you adapt cross-culturally while abroad?
  16. What do you anticipate being your most difficult moment abroad?
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