Pamplin College of Business Study Abroad Application

This need-based application (filed FAFSA-required) is intended for students in the Pamplin College of Business who may be studying abroad Fall 2023, Winter 2023-2024, Spring 2024 or Summer 2024. Virtual international will also be considered as an opportunity for earning a scholarship; however, only virtual international internships with primary partners listed on our website will be approved. For a valid application, all answers must be completed by February 13, 2023. At the close, any unanswered question(s) will invalidate your application. For more information, you may contact Dr. Clevenger at

Pamplin College of Business Apply-To Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your current resume as a PDF file.
  2. Have you decided on a specific program? If so, list here. If not, please list your top 3 potential options.
  3. How long is your desired time abroad?
  4. What is your anticipated graduation date?
  5. Briefly tell us what it is about yourself that is driving you to study abroad or have an international opportunity?
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