Skelton Honors Scholarship

The Skelton Honors Scholarship supports international travel experiences of Honors College students in their last two years of undergraduate study. The international travel experience must appear on the Virginia Tech transcript. Eligible students must be able to demonstrate involvement in leadership activities, have a 3.7 or better cumulative GPA, and must have completed at least six hours of foreign language classes at the university level.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Indicate the university-level foreign language courses that you have completed. (At least six credits are required.)
  2. What is your anticipated graduation date?
  3. Describe the international travel experience you will pursue with the Skelton Honors Scholarship. Include the following: title of program, estimated total cost of your participation, the term this experience will appear on your transcript, and the country(ies) you will visit.
  4. List any leadership activities you have in each of the following categories. Specify the official name of the organization and your title (for instance, President, Vice President, Committee Member, etc.)
    • 1. High School
    • 2. VT Major
    • 3. Academic College
    • 4. University (Virginia Tech collectively)
    • 5. Public or Civic
    • 6. Statewide
    • 7. National