McNamara Scholarship

Merit scholarships available to incoming Honors College students from middle-income families. Variable, renewable award.

To be eligible, you must be attending VT for the first time in the Fall 2023 semester as a first-year student (transfer students are not eligible). You also must have indicated on your Coalition Application or Common Application that you wish to be considered for the Honors College.

Supplemental Questions
  1. The Virginia Tech Honors College seeks students with [1] exceptional motivation in their academic and professional preparation, who are [2] capable of independent learning and research, [3] understand the challenges and values of collaborative teamwork, [4] have a strong sense of social responsibility and are eager to engage in real-world problem-solving, and [5] value the use of inclusive perspectives and working across differences. Write an essay of 500 words or fewer that provides evidence of your thinking about and/or accomplishments in each of these five areas. MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER ALL PARTS OF THE ESSAY QUESTION.
  2. Do you grant Virginia Tech permission to release your name to the donor and/or representatives of the donor's estate?