SEAC -SEC Study Abroad

This scholarship is available to all undergraduate engineering students who are participating in an international program during Summer I, Summer II, or Fall 2018. This includes study abroad programs, research or internships abroad, and service-learning programs located outside the U.S.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Select the type of abroad experience the scholarship will be applied to.
  2. Expected Graduation Date
  3. Overall GPA
  4. List any scholastic honors you have received while at Virginia Tech (e.g. Dean’s List).
  5. Short Answer Questions (Limit 250 words each)
    • Additional comments or information.
    • Describe a specific activity that you plan to do upon your return to Virginia Tech that will promote international experiences to other students. How will this activity impact the Virginia Tech community and the College of Engineering?
    • How will this experience abroad enhance your Virginia Tech engineering degree?
    • How will this international experience help you reach your personal and professional goals?
    • Indicate the number of credit hours that will be taken abroad.
    • Indicate your estimated date of departure and date of return.
    • List any other grants/support/funds you have received.
    • List any scholastic honors you have received while at Virginia Tech (e.g. Dean’s List).
    • List the program or university for which you have committed to participate. If applicable, list the class name and CRN (e.g. RSAP – ENGE 2984).
    • List your community involvement at Virginia Tech, including any leadership positions.
    • Please describe any financial situations that may affect your ability to participate in this program.
    • Provide a short description of the program. If available, include a website link.
    • Total approximate program cost ($USD). Includes program fee, tuition and fees, housing, meals, CISI health insurance, and airfare. Excludes personal expenses.
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