Arts Scholarship

Established by contributions from VPI Facilities, Inc.(the Donor). Purpose: Annual income distributions from the Fund shall be used as directed by program documentation determined by the dept. dated April 20, 1983: "There exists in the income endowment fund of the VT Educational Foundation, as of 9 February, 1983, an account entitled ‘Arts Scholarship Account.’ It was established with contributions from VPI Facilities, Inc., by direction of the Provost’s Office, in support of scholarships in the fine & performing arts. "The College of Arts & Sciences & the dept. heads of the Depts. of Art, Music, & Theatre Arts, in consultation with the Provost’s Office, proposed (& the University Scholarship & Student Aid Committee has endorsed) the following policies & procedures concerning this new scholarship program: 1.The annual income from the endowment (estimated at $18,000 per annum) will be divided equally among the three depts. 2.Each dept. will further subdivide its share, with a minimum of $4,000 set aside to provide scholar- ships for new & continuing undergraduate major in the dept. The remaining funds may be used for other forms of student support. 3.The scholarships will be used principally to identify & attract creative & qualified arts students to the University. That is, the scholarships will be awarded to new students (freshman or transfers). 4.Each of the three depts. will use at least $1,000 each year to offer scholarship awards to individual prospective entering students. Given student progress & level of creativity deemed satisfactory by each dept., the scholarships would be renewed for each of the remaining years of the student’s matriculation. Thus, at program maturity, there will be an annual outlay of $4,000 or more per dept. for new & continuing scholar- ships. 5.Selection of scholarship winners will be from among students who have: a. Applied for & been offered admission to the University, by the Office of Admissions, & b. Been reviewed in addition by the relevant departmental committee (via portfolio or audition) with respect to artistic merit & promise. The depts. will submit their recommend- actions for scholarship recipients (& alternates) to the University Scholarship & Student Aid Committee, which will then transmit final scholarship nominations to the Office of Admissions. Scholarship offers will be made by a letter from the Admissions Office, signed by the chairman of the Scholarship & Student Aid Committee, with copies to the Financial Aid Office & to the nominating dept. 6.When a scholarship offer is refused, that scholarship will be then offered to an identified alternate. 7.The process of identifying, recruiting, & admitting the best candidates for scholarships will require careful planning, with close cooperation between the participating depts. & the Office of Admissions. There must be four designated individuals each year, one from each of the three participating dept.’s & one from the Office of Admissions, who bear primary responsibility for this process & who work together on it. No later than October 15 of each academic year, these individuals (with the assist- ance of whatever committees are deemed appropriate) shall establish a calendar which sets deadlines & schedules for various aspects of the scholarship program (publicity, solicitation of nominations, auditions, application reviews, application decisions, scholarship nominations, offer letters, acceptance dates, etc.). This calendar will then be adhered to, as closely as possible with constant coordination between the recruiting aspects (depts.) & admitting aspects (Admissions) at all stages.