Rhonyll Seballos Endowed Scholarship

Funded by Virginia Tech, the Rhonyll Seballos Endowed Scholarship is a one-time scholarship awarded to students who exhibit academic achievement, which prefers students participating in the Filipino-American Student Association and who may offer a contribution to the diversity of the campus. This scholarship may be cancelled if you do not complete the required thank you letter. Instructions on completing the thank you letter requirement will be emailed to awardees in the summer prior to the beginning of the next academic year. Changes in funding may cause VT to replace this award with another award for the same amount.

General Apply-To Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide your anticipated graduating year (semester/year).
  2. Scholarship recipients are asked to attend the Annual Cultural Night show event where the donor's estate will present the awards. If you do not attend the Annual Cultural Night show event, your award may be subject to cancellation.
  3. In order to provide the donor's estate with recipient information for the Annual Cultural Night show, we need your permission to share specific information with the donor's estate. This information includes your: name, scholarship award and amount, permanent address, phone number, and email address.
  4. Please provide a maximum of 3 extracurricular activities and a reference to verify each leadership position.
    • Dates held
    • Organization
    • Position description
    • Position held
    • Reference Name
    • Reference Phone
  5. Please provide any awards, honors, and community service you've done (maximum of five).
    • Award, Honor, or Recognition
    • Semester or year achieved
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