Denver Alumni Scholarship

Funded by Virginia Tech, the Denver Chapter Alumni Scholarship is a one-time scholarship awarded to incoming freshman who reside within the geographic boundaries of the Denver Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association.

Alumni Chapter
Supplemental Questions
  1. Current High School:
  2. Address of High School:
  3. Name of Guidance Counselor:
  4. Phone number of Guidance Counselor:
  5. Email address of Guidance Counselor:
  6. Overall GPA and scale: (4.0 or 5.0)
  7. Number of Advanced Placement courses:
  8. Number of International Baccalaureate courses:
  9. Number of Honors courses:
  10. Number of Foreign Language courses:
  11. Number of courses BEYOND Algebra:
  12. Number of courses BEYOND Biology:
  13. Please list all school and community extracurricular activities (i.e. sports, clubs, band, chorus, church choir, scouts, etc.) in which you have participated during high school.
  14. Please list all volunteer community service (unpaid) you have been involved in during high school. It is important that you list ALL community service. The Denver Chapter awards an enhanced scholarship to the applicant who has best exemplified our school motto - Ut Prosim - through exemplary voluntary community service.
  15. Awards and Honors: (Separate each entry with semicolons)
  16. What degree do you plan on obtaining at Virginia Tech? Why? (500 word max)
  17. Employment History: (List employer, responsibilities, position, and employment dates. Separate each entry with semicolons)
  18. List any family members that are Virginia Tech alumni.
  19. Please provide your first letter of recommendation (excluding immediate family members).
  20. Please provide your second letter of recommendation (excluding immediate family members).
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