Dennis Dean Undergraduate Research Scholarship

A need-based scholarship for students engaged in mentored undergraduate research at Virginia Tech.

Supplemental Questions
  1. How long have you been at Virginia Tech?
  2. What is your anticipated graduation date?
  3. Attach a copy of your transcript in PDF Format (unofficial is fine). Unofficial transcripts can be found in your Hokie Spa. Please note that we will download all submitted files as a batch so it is imperative that you use the following file naming convention: Last name_ First name_transcript
  4. Applicants must engage in MENTORED undergraduate research (i.e. guided by a faculty member). Please provide information about your faculty mentor(s) serving in this role. We will contact this person as a reference, should you be selected as a finalist. Please make them aware of your application for the scholarship. If you will have more than one faculty mentor, please provide their name(s), affiliation(s) and contact information by answering this question up to three times.
    • 1. VT Faculty mentor name:
    • 2. VT Faculty mentor E-mail:
    • 3. VT Faculty mentor phone number:
    • 4. VT Faculty mentor primary department:
  5. Please describe any previous mentored research experience(s). Briefly describe each project, the duration of your engagement in each project, and what you learned or gained from participation.
  6. In your own words, describe your proposed/current research project and why this area of research is of interest to you (max 500 words). At the least, your description should include a statement of the research question(s) with hypothesis, the purpose of the project, methods to be used, and the expected outcomes.
  7. Describe why you think you should be awarded this scholarship.
  8. How do you think this scholarship might benefit you and affect your future aspirations/goals?
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