DoD Cyber Scholarship

The DoD is seeking rising junior and senior (third and fourth year) undergraduate, and graduate / doctoral students who are interested in full-ride scholarships for concentrated studies in cybersecurity and other cyber-related disciplines. Students selected for the program will receive full scholarships. This requires the student to agree to serve one year of service to the DoD, upon graduation, for each year or partial year of scholarship received, in addition to the internship identified below. An opportunity also exists for scholarship payback through military service. Individuals choosing to enlist or accept a commission to serve on active duty in one of the Military Services shall incur a service obligation of a minimum of 4 years on active duty in that Service upon graduation. The Military Services may establish a service obligation longer than 4 years, depending on the occupational specialty and type of enlistment or commissioning program selected. Traditional Guardsmen and Reserve Soldiers are eligible to apply. Scholarship payback for this group is two years of service for each year of scholarship received.

During breaks in their academic studies, Cyber Scholars will receive progressive, hands-on experience in information security internships. In return, scholars must agree to some restrictions and obligations regarding curriculum, GPA, and pre- and post- program employment. If all conditions are met, Cyber Scholars will receive full-time conditional/permanent positions in Components of the DoD upon program completion.

Rising junior and senior undergraduates, master’s and doctoral candidates, who are U.S. citizens and are at least 18 years of age are eligible for consideration for the program. Students selected as CyberScholars will receive the full cost of tuition, books (from the institution/degree specific required book list, not books which are optional for the class), required fees (including health care), and a stipend to cover room and board. The stipend levels are $25,000 for undergraduate students and $30,000 for graduate (Master’s/PhD) students. Disabled students may receive additional allowances. There are no allowances for dependents.

For further information, please review this document.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload the CySP Student Application completely filled out and signed (Including signed Page 5 and Page 7) Please make sure to save the document first to fill it out.
  2. Please upload your competency statement
  3. Please upload a separate sheet highlighting recognitions, honors and awards. You may attach a separate sheet of plain 8 ½” x 11” paper on which you record your responses or the continuations of your responses. On each such page, indicate your name. (Page 5 of the application)
  4. Please upload your Resume. The resume must be in the attached format here
  5. Please upload One (1) Letter of Reference from a current faculty member who is fully knowledgeable of your potential for successful learning, your knowledge, and your ability. See remainder of application package for instructions about the content of this Letter of Reference. Letters must be on University letterhead and contain the full name and contact information of the faculty member (phone, email, and address).
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