Stulb-Heffner Class of '77 - Motivation Matters Scholarship

In gratitude for the encouragement received from the VT community during her own personal and academic challenges, Barbara Stulb-Heffner ‘77 established this endowment. It is meant to provide continued incentive for junior and senior undergraduate students who may have had difficulty during their first years at the university, but through perseverance and commitment have been able to make steady academic improvement. The following guidelines are required for this award:

  • Full-time academic status
  • Rising junior or senior status
  • Demonstrate personal challenge(s) while showing academic improvement throughout their time at Virginia Tech (personal statement and letter of recommendation should reflect individual experience)

Division of Student Affairs Apply-To Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. Upload an updated resume containing your academic information and leadership/extracurricular/professional experiences.
  2. Personal statement should demonstrate personal challenge(s) that you have experienced, while showing academic improvement throughout your time at Virginia Tech. What challenge(s) impacted your time at Virginia Tech and how did you overcome the challenge(s)? (1000 words or less)
  3. Please list the name and email address of your first reference. (Required)
  4. Please list the name and email address of your second reference. (Optional)